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Just started n so far it’s great.

Olli is great!

Olli is a fantastic app!! Using it several times a week! I am getting interesting comments on my Instagram feed on the results I am getting! Thanks again for this very cool app!

Very good but

Yeah, BUT. It seems like there is no way to take one of my over 5,000 pictures and move it to where it is easy to find. Olli just ignores my moved picture. I also find myself using Olli to get almost what I want then stuff it into something else to finish the job. It’s a very interesting bunch of filters that get me a good start on what I want but that’s it. Nothing I’ve found does what Olli does but as I said, it almost gets me what I want. Plus the irritation of not being able to rotate or crop or use rotate or crop in another piece of software and put the result where Olli can access it. Olli is the first half of a very interesting piece of software. Pete the Grouch

Not on iPhone X

Unusable, can't get out of library because app switcher blocks the UI.

Simply awesome.

Love it. Love it. Love it!

Cool app. Love it! But video too short.

Love this app! Makes most photos look really cool! Just wish that video would work for longer than a minute (or whatever it is...too short). Great app though. Thx for making it!

This is fun

I am impressed.

What fun!

Thanks for bringing photos to the next bevel!

Wonderful art!

This app has transformed my photography.


I am a photographer and I just tried this app out on some of my photos. OMG, love love love love love this. Can’t believe they can even do this stuff. It really works well and for $.99 it’s a total steal. 😍

Can’t stop playing with it!

Loving this app so far. Wish I could change color density but all the same, it’s still great!

Ken D

Very cool app!

So nearly perfect! - just one thing

This is a great app for giving your photos and videos a unique hand drawn look. There isn’t much in the way of customisation but the results out of the box are really good! Only issue I found was on the iPhoneX it’s nearly impossible to return to the capture or styles screen once you go into the library - a mini swipe near the bottom of the screen will get you back maybe 10% of the time but otherwise you’ll end up in another app or just opening a photo from the bottom of the screen... highly recommended though!!!

So fun!

This app is absolutely the funniest! I want to use it for everything!

Olli & iPhone X an inelegant marriage

I adore the many ideas behind the artistic endeavors of TinRocket, unfortunately Olli, as filled with potential as it is, is an exercise in frustration. Moving betwixt filters and stored photos is painful and often involves a forced closing of the program. It takes too much effort to complete any photo transformation which means this monetary investment sits gathering dust. I look forward to the quick and complete fix of this glitch.

Works better for some pictures than others

Need a lot experiment to learn what kind of photos it works best on

Fun app with a clumsy UI

I’ve been enjoying Tinrocket’s apps ever since Percolator came out, so I’m rather surprised by the glitches that were left in this one—not up to the standard I’ve come to expect. Switching to the library view on an iPhone X forces you to fumble around to return to the other views, as the tabs at the bottom disappear entirely. Portions of the UI are also cut off at the top of the screen in some views. There’s also no way to browse all the installed presets easily after selecting a library photo. You’re forced to swipe through them one at a time with no idea what’s coming next. The effect renders choppily in the camera view; it’d be nice to have an option to disable the live preview in favor of a quick little drawing animation after capturing the image (à la previous Tinrocket apps). It’s undoubtedly a big drain on the battery if it’s that slow to render the live preview on the newest iPhone.

App bug

I love the app but on my IPhone X when I go to picture library I can’t go back to change styles.

Can’t get back after I click on Library

I am using an iphone X. Please fix this and I will change my review and recommend to others. A simple back button would suffice.

Quite charming.

Future feature request: set and save your own filters. This’ll keep me plenty busy in the meantime. Thanks for something awesome. Also free doesn’t mean a donation page is bad. Awesome work

Glitchy in iPhone X

The app for iPhone X seems to be getting stuck in the library function. No way to get back to the camera without shutting down the app manually.

Fast and Furious Effects

Says it all

This rocks

Good job

Great app!

Create interesting photographs as art. An excellent way for a budding artist easily see the shadows of color.


Bad program 👎🏻

IAP Bought

Cinema Pack

Like this a lot

I like using these pics when I don’t want to use a regular picture. It seems to bring more character.

Amazing app

Very nice result, very easy to use app

I love it!

Great app with lots of options to spice up your pics. Really creative filters, I can't wait to test the video filters soon.


Love to play with this app. Very easy, great effects

Feeling So Talented

Love trying out my photos and seeing the beautiful colors and lines! Makes me feel like an artist. I find that some photos work better than others. It’s fun experimenting!

Very cool!

This app does something I’ve not seen other apps do - it applies painterly styles not only to stills, but to video clips. It does it in a simple, easy to apply format. Nice.

Fun cool

Good app from great developers. I have all their apps highly recommend.

This app -> GREAT

I've used Waterlogue for years with amazing results. This app gives great results and is easy to use. Photo artistry at its finest!

ALL of Tinrocket's Apps . . .

. . . are AMAZING. Beautiful, creative, fun, easy. As a watercolor artist, I could not love Olie and it's predecessors any more than I do! So inspiring. I see new ideas and expanded pathways for my good old-fashioned paint & paper artwork every time I open a Tinrocket app! Use them in tandem and WOW! Such fun results. Thank you, all you Rocket builders!

Artistic fleeting memories

I just wanted to thank you for this amazing app! You helped create a wonderful memory for my family. I am grateful for this easy to use, artistic, way to capture these fleeting moments of life. It's art in motion that helps you see the beauty in regular mundane aspects of life.

Olli is great fun

Really fun and easy app. Everyone who sees me use it wants to get it.

Easy peasy

It's quick & fun to use...


It's not often that you find a app that's just flat out fun. But this app is that. I have had so much fun making pictures and videos. Download this app and from the first moment you start to use it you'll be hooked!! So much fun!

Fun app

Nice drawing easy to use staff is very responsible really cool

It's a perfect example of harnessing the power of the iPhone

I'd say this app uses magic but that's a slight to the app developers. It is so entertaining to use- basically you get the opportunity to see your world, in realtime, as an AhHa video (re: cartoon).

This is special

Love the way it looks. It stands out as something special among the crowd of apps. Good work on this!!

I'd give 5 stars if we could use flash!!

I love this app so much! I sometimes forget to use it so I put in a folder with Snapchat. I just wish we could take photos or videos with flash!

This is VERY cool!

Great app... Thank you!! Any plans for video support??

Picture Distiller

Rather fun app reveals the essentials in an image. Holding down the orange shutter button creates an instant rotoscoping-like animation. Simplification at its best.

Realtime. A look you've never seen

The developers figured out how to make realtime modifications to images that don't look like the same decades-old edge detection. It's a line art effect with various fills that work better for portraits, still lives, outdoors, etc. The downside is that the current app's output is pretty low res. Don't plan to zoom in or print unless they improve that. It's a nice complement to some of the better new brushwork-type apps.

Mediocre at best - But it's improving

I have to sabe that this app is mediocre. You can't import photos is a big negative. You have two settings when using the camera, a double table will zoom in at a predetermines zoom level. I mainly photograph landscapes and after purchasing all of the additional filters and didn't produce great results. I think you would be better off using it with closeup still lifes and portraits.It's much better than Oilist, which is terible. Hopefully this app will improve. The image quality is poor. The average file jpeg size is 900kb (terrible) Horrah!, they are listening to their base and it's improving

Fees like magic

I love all the tibrocket apps, this may be their best yet. Photography friends of mine have been asking me "how did you do that?"

Waste of money.

I don't ever take the time to rate an app, but when I throw money down the drain for an app this bad, I will take the time to warn people. I don't get how this has a single good review. There are MUCH better apps like this for free.

Photos import now!

Thanks! I've been hoping you'd add the ability to use photos, and today you did. Awesome!

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